"Security Through Representation"

Loyal Representation When You Need It Most

Starting or growing your business? Got a sticky situation stressing you beyond belief? Need to protect your ideas & creative works? XNOVO Legal has your back.

Whether you need general counseling or help with Contract Drafting, Entity Creation, Trademarks, Protecting IP, Business Transactions, or Entertainment Law, XNOVO Legal provides excellent representation at an equitable price.

We understand entrepreneurs and start-ups don't always have millions in VC funding and do our best to work with your budget. Our track record speaks for itself . . . but we're glad to provide references, just ask!

Theodore's 11th Commandment:

"Be Secure. Insecurity is the root of all evil, not money."

Theodore Christian Sieving has been practicing law in the state of California since 2010, passing the Bar Exam on the first try and working with a few small firms and in academia before starting XNOVO Legal. An entrepreneur and creative problem solver at heart, he "walks the entrepreneurial walk." In 2014, he began running a creative coworkspace called "Work Evolution," where he and his partners have helped countless entrepreneurs scale their businesses and achieve their dreams. For more information on them check out www.workevolution.co.

Theodore's diverse background gives him a unique perspective on what it's like for a small business owner navigating our current cannibalistic version of psuedo-capitalism that is plagued with favoritism for large soulless corporations. Your peace of mind and long-term personal wellness are always our primary concern, not billable hours. Money is fake, people are real, (so is Karma), and God's love is forever.

Connect with us! Email us at contact@xnovo.legal or sign up for a free initial counseling session. We look forward to helping you on your journey.


Our mascot "Kelly" is a 15 year old rescue who provides unparalleled complimentary therapeutic petting sessions. Ask for more details and prepare to feel the unconditional love.